Angela Chrusciak Blehm's Black and White #11 Ultra Jumbo Ribbon

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Original signed 2021, handpainted black and white latex paint on wood with glossy resin finish. 

Angela Chrusciaki Blehm’s brightly colored wooden paintings have the instant register of Pop art. Blehm often paints on shaped canvases, generating bold images that nod to femininity.  Her most popular works, however, are her ribbon paintings—large-scale tendrils that slice through space, at times evoking graffiti. These paintings have built her a loyal fan base of more than 32,000 Instagram followers. Blehm received her BFA in studio arts painting from the University of Houston and has since developed a painting style with colors inspired by architecture, clothing, and daily life. Highly graphic and featuring flat planes of color, her works play with patterns and scale. 


60"w x 30"h