John Gould Hand Colored 19th Century Lithograph

John Gould Hand Colored 19th Century Lithograph

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Gould, John & W. Hart, Hand Colored Bird Lithograph Harpactues Erythrocephalus, Pair of Red Headed Trogon.  c1858-75. Walter, publisher.

stunning depiction of brightly colored birds perched on branch. Gould was one of the most prolific ornithological artists of the 19th century, had a romantic enthusiasm for winged creatures, as well as a passion for natural history and an impulse to catalog. Drawing on his outstanding scientific and artistic talents, he embarked on a series of projects that would eventually make him the leading publisher of ornithological illustrations in Victorian Britain. Gould’s unparalleled career spanned five decades, during which he produced a series of books depicting birds from all over the world


24"w x 31"h